Music Among the Synchronicities of My Life

About 18 years ago (September 8, 2000 to be exact) I planted my feet on Orcas Island for the first time with my lovely wife (at that time she was my future wife), Mariah,  for the sole purpose of hearing a Seattle musician perform at Susan Osborn’s performance venue then known as the ‘The Living Room’. We were merely groupies at the time, following local performances but not having really known the piano-playing songstress before then. Her name was and is Mary Lydia Ryan and I now consider her one of my dearest friends still on Earth today.
[synchronicity alert] As of August 1st, Mariah, Thian and I have just moved into our new home which happens to be the house next door to that former venue, The Living Room, which is now an art gallery for local visual artist and painter, Jacqueline Kempfer.

Another crazy thing [synchronicity alert] is that one of my favorite muses among new age composers since the 1980s is Suzanne Ciani, who also happened to perform at The Living Room, although I was neither then nor afterward in a position to hear Suzanne perform live. (Suzanne, if you are reading this, you are always welcome to perform in my living room, right next door to your last venue, using my GEM Promega 3 digital stage piano which I always offer to Mary Lydia Ryan when she performs on Orcas!)
The house next door is a multi-unit construction and is now owned by a nice woman named Robin who I just met a few days ago. That’s easy for me to remember because at the time I was trying to break into the new age/ambient/electronic music radio scene with my CD in 1995, I often came across a woman named Robin Spielberg, who as another solo piano artist seemed to be in the charts a lot in New Age Voice, a publication of radio station playlists. I admit I am not familiar with Robin’s music. [synchronicity alert] Mary Lydia Ryan, however, is familiar with Robin’s music because she has performed with her at the Whisperings Solo Piano Radio All Star Show in California a few years ago and they are now friends on Facebook.
Wait, there is more! You can join in the synchronicity.
Mary Lydia Ryan often visits Orcas Island, in some years more times than others. She will be playing at the Village Green stage in Eastsound this year on Sunday, September 2, 2018 at 5pm. Share with friends so that we can encourage a long set of music and an encore of sumptuous songs as well as solo piano compositions. It’s Labor Day weekend and a picnic is in order. I’m more than happy it’s only three blocks away.
Hope to see you there!